We currently have openings for ages 18 months to 5 year olds.

Two Year Old Program

Libertyville Preschool’s Program for Two Year Olds

Young at Heart provides an amazing two year old program for children between the ages of two and three. As independence emerges during the second year, each child is guided with semi-structured activities, positive reinforcements, verbal skill building, and independent and/or group experiences. Using a healthy balance of a large variety of programming, the toddler classroom allows the development of a child’s skills to evolve naturally but with support and guidance. Our teachers adjust the planned curriculum to meet the needs of each individual’s learning style and capabilities. ‘Learning through Play’ is a wonderful introduction to a flexible pre-school atmosphere.

Our program also works with each family to create a natural, healthy, individualized process during potty training, without placing any age or time limit on any child.

If you would like to sign your child up for our two year old program, please call us at (847) 367-6110 today!

Young at Heart Center Provides:

  • 40 Acres of Private Property with Field and an Enclosed Outdoor Playground
  • Private Entrance with Security System
  • 6 Over-sized Classrooms
  • Large Windows throughout the Center
  • Bright Education Based Decorations
  • Equipment, Toys and Supplies that Exceed Requirements
  • D.C.F.S. Licensed
  • Meets and Exceeds Health Department Regulations
  • Passes all Fire Department Regulations
  • Two Emergency, Generator Powered Back Up Electrical Systems
  • Meals and snacks approved by licensed dietition
  • Year round--Open enrollment
  • Enrolling NOW for Summer and FAll programming--Call for a Tour soon!